California's grid is
currently producing

Kilotons CO2
per hour


We show the real-time CO2 emissions of the grid – in color. Like a fun “Fitbit for the Planet.”
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The idea

Energy Lollipop California
Energy Lollipop California

Helping to use green and avoid red hours
Energy Lollipop will help you shift your energy consumption from the red hours and into the green hours. The time of day you use electricity matters because not all electricity is equal. The CO2 put out per kilowatt can jump up to 10x between lunch and dinner.


Energy Lollipop California

California Grid Energy Lollipop

  • Chrome extension
  • Track the real-time CO2 of the California grid
  • Know when to use energy and when to save
  • Updates every 5 minutes
  • Free

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PG&E Energy Lollipop

  • Chrome extension
  • Track your real-time CO2 at home or work (requires PG&E login)
  • Shift and reduce your usage and see your impact directly
  • Remove emissions with offsets & upgraded home
  • Keep your number low to hatch your energy animal!
  • Beat your co-workers / neighbors

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How it works

1: PG&E login

Enter your utility login / password

2: Track

Your emissions are measured with your home/work's grid electricity usage

3: Reduce

Optimize and shift your usage towards low-CO2 hours (green)

4: Remove & Avoid

Remove emissions you can't reduce with offsets, or avoid with new energy products.